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Anita Loos
Author:Anita Loos
Country:United States
Born on:1888
Died on:1981
Born in:Mount Shasta
Died in:New York
Biography by:Christian Michelini
Posted on:2013-03-03



Gli uomini preferiscono le bionde (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1925)
Gli uomini sposano le brune (But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, 1928)
A Mouse is Born (1951)
This Brunette Prefers Work (1956)
No Mother to Guide Her (1961)
A Girl Like I (1966)
Twice Over Lightly: New York Then and Now (1972)
Kiss Hollywood Goodbye (1974)
A Cast of Thousands (1977)
The Talmadge Girls (1978)
Fate Keeps on Happening (1984)

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Quotes by Anita Loos:
Nulla è più freddo della chimica. (da ...
Un baciamano ti può far sentire molto, m...

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